Construction Boom in Dayton OH

If you have been driving around in Washington Township over the last year and half, you have no doubt seen construction equipment on the roads. Portable toilets, dumpsters, scissor lifts, boom lifts, storage containers, earth moving equipment, you name it, it has been impossible to miss the amount of new construction going on in and around Dayton Ohio. This has been great for the local economy, and home prices have been going up, and local companies have been seeing more business. Local dumpster rental companies have been unable to keep up with demand. Portable toilet companies have had to manufacture more porta potties to send out to construction sites. Some construction companies have had to call companies outside of the township because all the aerial lift equipment has been rented out. These are all good problems to have, especially since the market went down in late 2000's. The local government has done everything is could over the last few years to bring contractors back into Dayton, and begin creating more jobs and growth. Max Whittick who is a general manager at a local site services company has said recently "Business has been almost too good. Two years ago our lot was filled with aerial lift equipment, forklifts, dumpsters, and portable toilets which weren't making the company a dime. Now all our equipment is being rented. We have actually had to hire 3 new salespeople to help with the influx of new construction in Dayton." Things finally are looking like they are turning around for this great city.